Plastic Beach Party is a recycling collective. We joined forces in a Design Thinking Workshop to envision and create a future where our beaches are not covered in plastic waste. Our goal is to create a movement where we reduce our dependence on plastic in part by creating a financially sustainable model to recycle plastic into locally relevant re-usable products. 



Our plastic recycling machines: a plastic shredder, compression oven, injection mold and plastic extruder, we're volunteer build using  opensource designs by precious plastics, crowdfunded and using borrowed tools. We can handle about 100 - 200 kilos of plastic waste a month but hope to do much more in the future!


We offer plastic waste recycling for households and businesses. With a variety of plastic recycling pricing packages that make recycling accessible for anyone. We also offer product design, prototyping and development using recycled plastic. And consulting for going towards zero-waste. We are always open to collaborations and experimentation! 



Plastic Beach Party is an open participatory process where anyone can come to join the team or collaborate. Our current team includes Tony, Christie, Manuel and Joost. The team that started the Plastic Beach Party includes: Robert, Ricardo, Katia, Vidmara, Lewis, Sonia, Claudia, Alba, Steffen, Aaron, Nydia and Alex & George.  


The Plastic Beach Party is build on community support. Our main partners is the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. We've been supported by Kooyman, OTIS, the University of Aruba, Monumenten Fonds, BEAM, Carentra, GPS, CJ-studio, EPI, Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industrie, Aruba DOET and Bank Giro Lotterij Fonds, as well as many different individuals. Consider donating in cash or in kind!