On June 20 and 21, we’ll be joined by Dr. Carlos I. Silva of Fab Lab Puerto Rico for some collaborative Caribbean making activities.

Check out the event descriptions below for more details, and contact us if you want to sign up.





Dr. Carlos I. Silva, director of Fab Lab Puerto Rico, will be leading a discussion on the experiences and opportunities with digital design and fabrication in the Caribbean. He’ll talk about the impact that digital fabrication has had in Puerto Rico and what possibilities it has for the future of the region.

Fab Labs are centers that combine shared digital design with decentralized manufacturing tools. The Caribbean is a new frontier for the Fab Lab network, and Fab Lab Puerto Rico is one of the oldest and most active players in the movement’s expansion around the region. As such, they have a lot to teach Brenchie’s Lab, and anyone involved in the maker movement in Aruba. Carlos and his team work hard to catalyze innovation by collaborating with artists and designers from communities all around Puerto Rico, promoting experimentation and creativity.

Fab Lab Puerto Rico is used by design students in fashion, architecture, industry, interiors, and graphics, at the International School of Design and Architecture of the University of Turabo. It is also used by many professionals in the design and creative industries, providing capacity for prototyping and R&D for the development and innovation of small and medium businesses at the International Design Center.

They even engage the public in digital fabrication and maker culture through a variety of community-based initiatives. Noteworthy projects include collaborations with public museums and preservation institutions, including the reconstruction of fragmented archaeological artifacts. They also offer a free series of seminars on digital fabrication and traditional techniques.



You’ve heard about 3D printing, but what about 3D scanning?


On Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Carlos I. Silva, director of Fab Lab Puerto Rico, will be leading a hands on workshop on 3D scanning at Brenchie’s Lab. We’ll be looking at the different tools and software that can be used for 3D scanning, scan editing, and what can you do with 3D scans. During this session we will also look at 3D scanning and editing tools available on your phone.

Naturally, we will also be 3D printing some plastic statues of scanned participants. We also encourage participants to bring something from Aruba that they would like to digitize and upload into the digital world. Uploading models of our local heritage will allow them to be represented and used in designs that can then be localized.

To register or ask questions please email us at lab@brenchies.com or WhatsApp us at +2976302475 🙂