Soon we’ll be hosting the first annual Aruba Maker Expo. This is a chance for people who make all kinds of things to come together to show off, share, and inspire one another.

If you create, build, hack, tweak, improve, remove, take apart, rebuild, connect, play, melt, glue, screw, hammer, cut, sew, paint, scrape, record, sculpt, throw, write, code, design, redesign, edit, deconstruct, or develop, then you’re a maker. And if you made or are in the process of making something you want to share, this is the perfect place 🙂

The expo is open to everyone, including individuals, teams, clubs, organizations, schools, even companies, so if you’re interested send us an email at that tells us about you, what you make, what you want to do at the expo, and what you need from us to make it work.

If you don’t have something physical to share, you can also set up a presentation, a poster, or even give a talk to share your story with people.

Aside from food, the event will be non-commercial, so while you can show off what you make and sell, you won’t be allowed to sell it at the expo. This is to keep the focus on the process of making, and to share ideas and get inspired. You’re more than welcome to have hands-on activities and workshops, in fact we encourage it, so if you want to show others how to make something or let them play with something you’ve made, please do!