Probably the most versatile tool in the maker’s arsenal, electronics allow you to program elements of the physical world to do what you want, and form the basis of some of the coolest machines at the lab.

With a huge range both in potential and complexity, there are tons of project possibilities and definitely something for everyone. The links below have a lot of the resources you’ll need, and if you want a quick introduction watch the videos below. If you want to see what we have at the lab feel free to make an appointment or just drop by on one of our Maker Dayz.



Brief Introduction




Codecademy coding lessons
Fritzing electronics made easy
123D Circuits Arduino simulator
Arduino development software 
Arduino language reference
Arduino in a Nutshell user guide
Raspberry Pi operating systems
Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python scripting



Arduino getting started guide (available)
Arduino basics and more
Sparkfun various tutorials
Adafruit tutorials ​of all kinds
Raspberry Pi learning resources (available)
Pi_tutor Raspberry Pi for beginners
LadyAda Arduino introduction
Lilypad wearable Arduino (available)



Arduino Playground project wiki
Instructables Arduino projects
Instructables Raspberry Pi projects
Wired bionic wearable projects​
Fritzing electronic projects
Make: technology projects