Brenchie’s Lab is the result of a collaboration between Metabolic Foundation and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Aruba. The project has been boosted tremendously by support from UNOCA and Stimuleringsfonds and continues to grow with the lovely people of Aruba and beyond.


Our mission is to support the democratization of technology by creating a shared space to experiment and work together towards a more inclusive and circular future of urban design.


We envision an evolving set of community-managed spaces where everyone is part of the open source technology community, and where spaces function as incubators for community-based innovation that can be tested, co-developed, and implemented in cities around the world.​


Metabolic Foundation, a community action and cleantech organization, brought the project from concept to life and continues to build it up with a network of local and regional partners.​

The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Aruba gave the space a home. The Academy makes use of the lab in their curriculum, and are happy to share their tools, knowledge, and experiences with you.

UNOCA, the Aruban cultural fund, financially supported the set up of Brenchie’s Lab. A special thanks goes to Zahira Zaandam who fought for this project for more than a year.

Much of the equipment, tools, and designs used at Brenchie’s are open source– the result of hard work by people around the world. The creative commons and open source communities make the lab possible by providing guidance, content, and opportunities for collaboration.